Friday, 29 May 2015

The Village by Main Station Demolition Party

Thank you to everyone who attended the Village by Main Station Demolition Party last week. The event was a huge success!

Our amazing guest speakers, including MP Matthew Kellway, HOA CEO Jens Lohmueller and home owners speakers Melvin Seepersad and John and Jessyca Iskander, along with MC and Options CEO Mike Labbé spoke to a crowd of purchasers about the development of Village by Main Station and the effect it will have on the neighbourhood and community.

MP Matthew Kellway addressing the crowd

“Events like these give Options the opportunity to show our purchasers how appreciative we are of the support and faith they have in Options,” said Mike Labbé, CEO, Options for Homes. “We are not only celebrating 275 new cost-effective housing units but also showcasing real people making their home ownership dreams in the city of Toronto a reality.” - Mike Labbé

After speeches MP Matthew Kellway and Mike Labbé took the first ceremonial swings at the building (the actual demolition of the building will be taking place in early June.)

MP Matthew Kellway and Mike Labbé taking the first swings at the existing building.

Purchasers were then given the chance to put holes in the building on the site of their new home. Check out some photos of future Options owners at the demolition party:

When complete, the Village by Main station will be 275 units of cost-effective housing at Main St. and Danforth Ave. Construction is expected to begin in early fall of 2015 and occupancy is expected in early 2017.

Stay tuned for more photos and video from the Village by Main Station Demolition party.

Congratulations to Village by Main Station purchasers for being one step closer to moving into your new Options home!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Options for Green Energy Solar Project Installation has Begun

Options for Green Energy is excited to announce a new solar development in Pickering, Ontario. The Queen Street Solar Co-operative, in a joint with Veridian Connections Inc. and Solera Sustainable Energies Company Limited with funding from Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program, has begun installation of the project on the roof of the Claremont Community Centre, Library and Fire Station #4.

Options for Green Energy's Senior Development Consultant Marc van Beusekom recently visited the site to check out the progress of the development.

Solar panels will cover the majority of the south roof slopes and the main roof of the gymnasium.

The panels are expected to produce 100,000kWh of electrical energy annually and will be fed back into Ontario’s grid. The energy savings represent about half the annual electrical requirements of the Claremont Community Centre and over 61,000kg of Carbon Dioxide emissions will be avoided each year because of the panels.

Installation and construction on the project has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Thanks to the team working on the project for the tour of the site and for showing us the materials being used on the project.

Contact Options for Green Energy at or 416-867-1501 ext. 229 for information on other co-operatives and upcoming projects across Ontario.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Daily Bread GTAA Spring Hope Food Drive

The Daily Bread GTAA Spring Hope Food Drive is ogranized by the Greater Toronto Apartment Association.  Hundreds of apartment buildings in the GTA run food drives in support of the Daily Bread.  This is the largest door-to-door food drive in Canada.

Yesterday, Options staff Michael and Aver, along with the Options for Cars brand new Dodge Caravan volunteered to pick up food from apartments around the city.

Check out this article from about the food drive:

Michael and Aver had a great time and were able to tons of food for The Daily Bread Toronto.  Check out some more great photos:

For more information about how you can get involved or donate to the Daily Bread visit

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