Monday, 28 September 2015

Options International in Cameroon - Guest Blog

The Options for Homes International team (Mike Labbé, Pauline Praseuth and Monica Daga) are currently in Cameroon to see the progress being made at Ocean View Estate, Options for Homes Cameroon's first development. As the newest member of the International team Monica Daga didn't know what to expect on her first trip to Africa.  She wrote us to let us know how the trip has been so far.  Check out what she had to say below:

Hello Dear Options Team,

I just wanted to share my experiences on my first trip to Cameroon.

I must say that when we arrived I was a bit nervous and did not know what to expect. The ride from Douala Airport to Limbe was dark, bumpy and we were stopped a few times by the military, I was a bit on the edge but later learned that is a standard procedure. We finally arrived to the hotel and we settle in and got ready for the busy week ahead of us.

During the first week I met the wonderful staff from Options for Homes Cameroon, they are absolutely amazing, very warm and welcoming. I got my first glance to the Ocean View Estates site, we travelled to Yaounde to meet Credit Foncier and the Ministry of Housing staff, and later during the week we met with the first deputy mayor of BUEA, and visited the Buea site.

On Saturday, we met Joyce the Youth Leader from Henry’s village. She was accompanied by one of the youth group members, they travelled more than 7 hours to see us, they wanted to learn more about how to raise funds to be self-sustainable, Mike gave them guidance and some great ideas on what to do to raise funds as a social enterprise. I was very impressed with their commitment to make their village a better place.

This week coming up we have a few important meetings with the Mayor of Buea and Sonara (Oil processing facility) staff, and on Mike’s birthday we will be travelling to Congo and might have a meeting in Togo since it is one of our stops before arriving to Kinshasa.

I have included some pictures to share some of the things I have seen so far.

I hope you like them!

Monica Daga

Meeting with the Director General  of  Credit Foncier

View from the Ocean View Estates site

Ocean View Estates Semi-detached Homes

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Options for Cars October Thank You Special

Options for Cars wants to say Thank You to its members and what better time than the month of October.  Options for Cars members are so supportive of the Options vision and they recommend Options for Cars to all of their friends. Take a look at the videos below from real Options for Cars members:

You can find more testimonials like these at

With members like these how can Options for Cars not show their appreciation?  For all of October Options for Cars will be offering lower rates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for all of its vehicles.

Rates will be starting at $8/hour & $50/day.  If you aren't a member of Options for Cars, now it the perfect time to join and enjoy lower rates.  Visit to join today and learn more about the October Thank You Special!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Options Developments: Weston Village

Options for Homes has been around for over 20 years.  In that time a lot has been accomplished.  Currently we have 10 completed developments, 2 developments over 80% sold that will being construction soon, 2 set to launch next year and much more in the works. Options is gearing up to be able to produce 500 units of affordable ownership per year.

For the next 10 weeks we will be looking back at each of our completed developments and the communities that have been created at each.

First up is Weston Village:

- Options first project
- Completed in 1997
- 42 townhouses
- Resale values have increased by over 40%

Check out Mike Labbé discussing Options first ever development below.

Visit our blog next week to learn more about Options development, St. Lawrence.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

TBT Cranbrooke Village Demolition

This week we're throwing it back to the demolition of Options more recently completed project, Cranbrooke Village.  The condo was completed in 2013 and is completely sold out.

Options purchased the land from the Ashbury and West United Church which was already on the site. Before construction began on Cranbrooke Village part of the church was demolished and some upgrade and renovations were done. Check out some photos from the demolition below.

Demolition started in January 2012 and occupancy began in the fall of 2013. Most purchasers have been living in their condo's for over a year and have settled into life as home owners.  A few owners at Cranbrooke Village have recently invited Options cameras into their homes to give us tour and speak about their lives as homeowners.  

We are excited to share their stories with you.  Stay tuned to Options YouTube channel for those videos in the coming weeks.  In the meantime check out some of our other videos and home owner testimonials here.

Options owners - in any development - if you are interested in participating in an Options suite tour contact Carly at  We would love to get a snapshot of your life in your Options home.