Monday, 27 October 2014

Eulogy to a Shoebox

[My old rental condo of 500 square feet. I’m paying nearly the same for a 628 square foot apartment that I own!]
Oh shoe box!
Your cramped quarters I maneuvered for years
Entrance, kitchen, bathroom,bedroom, living room…
Like kids in a candy store we crowded around that window
smudging our noses against it. Wondering
why do our feet need sunlight? Wondering
why must I cook in darkness? Wondering
why must I not breath fresh air while I sleep? 
To awake with the sun! It cannot happen
in a shoe box
for there are no windows to shine light on you
in your room of rest
For years I saw the water
through a man’s living room
So desperate to see the water,
to catch a glance,
I would peek over…
And there HE was
looking over at me
The man in the shoe box across the road
obscuring my view of the water…
And then
I said goodbye to the shoe box
I said hello to light and fresh air
I said goodbye to the man in the other shoe box
As I left I wrote on my window:
Escape! Join me!
You too can escape your shoe box. Come to an info session and learn about our Danforth Village Estates development. Register today!