Monday, 27 October 2014

Gloria's Options Experience

Gloria, a Cranbrooke Village purchaser, never thought she could own her own home being a single mother from South America. After years of hard work and dedication, Gloria realized that it was possible for her dream to become a reality with Options. Read about her truly inspiring homeownership experience… 
"I am a single mother with two sons from South America. I came to Canada to give my sons a better future even though I knew the difficulties of learning a new language, and adapting to the weather and the many cultures in a new country.
I always dreamed of putting a roof over my sons’ heads, but since we arrived to Canada we have lived in a basement.

I have worked in many different places such as Tim Horton’s, hair salons, retail (Reitman’s, Honest Ed’s), and cleaning offices and apartments, though for the past 7 years I have been working for a financial institution. I was always saving every single penny. 

Out of curiosity I asked our mortgage specialist if I could afford a down payment for a house in Toronto with my current income. The mortgage specialist then told me that with my income I could only afford to own 1 square meter, and with that I lost all my hopes.

I did my application to [community housing organization] Housing Connections and never got an answer back.

But then I received a letter inviting me to an information session with Options for Homes at City Hall!

At the information session, Michel LabbĂ© showed us the development,Cranbrooke Village.  I thought it was a dream that would be hard for me to reach because of all of the responsibilities I have with two sons.

Ameena [Options’ Purchase Consultant] told me these exact words, “We are here to help people like you” and I still couldn’t believe it.

In the beginning, I was looking at a 1st floor suite but Pat Munroe then showed me a suite on the 11th floor. The 11th floor suite had a different price but one of my sons started working, and on weekends I cleaned offices and apartments to continue saving money.

After a long process with Sarah, Annie and other members of the Options for Homes team, we saw the benefits of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and always saving money.

Thank you to Almighty God for giving me the strength to never give up pursuing my dream.
I want to dedicate this huge accomplishment to my sons Andres Felipe, Jose David and my unconditional mother Maria Marleny as I knew between all of us we could do it.

My sons and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to Options for Homes for this great opportunity and for making make our dream come true.”

~ Gloria, from Cranbrooke Village.

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