Monday, 27 October 2014

In 1850 Scarborough was incorporated into a township. Here is a slideshow of houses built just before and just after Scarborough became a town. Options’ newest development is Danforth Village Estates and will be located at Danforth and Eglinton. Sign up for an info session and grab your dream suite before it’s gone!
Historical photos courtesy of the Scarborough Historical Society
1. Murray’s “Chateaux Des Quatre Vents”, Rockaway Crescent. Birch Cliff
2. Nash house, Agincourt.
3. Bushby house, Agincourt (b.1878 - d.1974)
4. Elliott, H. house, Agincourt
5. Residence, formerly Helliwell’s Hotel, Port Union.
6.  Jeremiah Annis house, built 1867. 3750 Kingston Road, Scarborough Village.
7. Glendinning house, Ellesmere. (b.1830-d.1970)
8. Clancy House, south east corner of Kennedy Rd. and Merrian Rd., Wexford
9. William Milne’s “Hillside” house, Hillside. Built 1872.
10. Options’ Danforth Village Estates!