Monday, 27 October 2014

Insurance Deductible Special - Save $15!

As some drivers have experienced, a relatively minor scrape or bump against an inconveniently placed garage pillar can easily absorb a $750 deductible. 

In order to avoid this, Options for Cars carsharing members have a couple of choices:
One is to use a credit card that covers car rental/car share insurance.  Check the fine print of your credit card to see if it will cover the deductible when it's used to pay your member usage fees.

A second is to opt for Options for Cars Deductible Insurance.  The usual cost of this is $60 per year. 

Those who sign up for this before March 1, 2013 can do so for just $45.

To sign up for this offer, please email or call 416 867-1501 x 229.
To become a member of Options for Cars, a non-profit carsharing co-operative in Toronto, visit