Monday, 27 October 2014

Nervous First-Timers...

Nervous First-Timers…
Nervous first time buyer? Don’t let that uncertain feeling prevent you from investing in the size of apartment you can afford! It’s a common occurrence we hear at Options that our purchasers are afraid to invest in a home that would suit them better. 
Diana from Parliament Square laments about letting her fear influence her decision, “I was so nervous with the mortgage that I bought the smallest one bedroom den when I should have bought the biggest!”
Also being a first-time home owner, Aziza was hesitant to buy anything larger than a bachelor. “But I like to entertain and my friend convinced me that I wouldn’t want to entertain in my bedroom!” she smiled. She is now very happy about her decision to invest in a one bedroom at Shermount.
Another Shermount resident, who wished to remain anonymous, really didn’t think she could afford anything bigger than a bachelor because she was a nanny. When all the bachelors sold out, she held her breath and dove into a one bedroom. Now her only regret was that she didn’t buy a locker!
First-time owning can be a very scary thing, but don’t let stop you from choosing the suite that works with your budget. Speak with our Purchase Consultants about the appropriate sized apartment that will suit the size of your family and your financial situation. All of Options homes are cost-effective, and we work with you to make your dream a reality!