Monday, 27 October 2014

Options and Diversity

As Options’ International work becomes more important and a larger focus, we have started to look within the Options family, more specifically the staff.  One thing that has become very clear is that our staff are a very diverse group of individuals. 
                          *Options consists of 25 staff born in 14 different countries
There are more countries in the world that desperately need housing than just in Canada.
"Housing is the single most effective economic development oppourtunity that any developing country has. But it’s not the housing that matters, it’s the jobs that that housing can create." - Mike Labbé
By having such a diverse group in the office with different backgrounds and personalities, we remain driven and focused on our goal of providing cost-effective housing to everyone in the world who needs it. 
We know this is not going to happen overnight.  Anyone who knows Mike Labbé has probably heard him say something like, "we’ll have a sense of how well we’ve done in about 150 years." so Options will keep working towards that goal for at least the next century or so!
                         *Options staff’s parents were born in 18 different countries
                                                             *Red - Options staff country of birth
                                                *Blue - Options staff parents country of birth

For more information about Options International Work check out our Facebook Page and check out Options for Homes Cameroon, our first international affiliate to begin development.