Monday, 27 October 2014

Options Rebate Cheques

Options CEO, Mike Labbé, showing the Village at High Park homeowners the route for their rebate cheque scavenger hunt on St. Patrick’s Day.
Options for Homes has been able to build communities for 20 years because of the Options model and our dedication to home owners. An important part of the Options model is the contingency that Options places in every budget. This contingency allows the community to split the amount that is not spent on the development beetween community services and rebates for the homeowners. Community services include funding Options International, Options for Cars, and improvements to the buildings (such as solar heating). The rest of the contingency that is remaining is given as rebate cheques that average out to be $1,000 per unit to homeowners.
Though Options could simply hand out rebate cheques; we like to make it more fun. In 2003 at Shermount, Santa Claus delivered cheques to the home owners. Last year, at the Village by High Park on St. Patrick’s day, Options organized a quest for gold coins through the Heintzman buildings. Once they finally arrived to the “pot of gold”, they received their cheque from a leprechaun.

Take a look at the full story of Santa at Shermount and Heintzman’s St. Patty’s day event.
One of Options volunteers handing out a gold coins to homeowners.
Options leprechaun handing out rebate cheques to homeowners (a.k.a. “the pot of gold”)