Monday, 27 October 2014

Options Takes Different Abilities Seriously


Options for Homes considers mobility needs of our residents in the creation of our homes. Parliament Square, our third development in the Distillery District, was the first Canadian condo with attendant care in the building. 
For those with mobility issues, it is often hard to find housing with attendant care availability. It usually means moving into social housing, even if you can afford better. Gary Sandler initiated the alliance between Options for Homes and Tobias House, an attendant care provider. “This (home ownership) is the kind of responsibility I used to always have. But since I became disabled it’s been taken away from me. I want it back.” 
While some differently-abled people need attendants up to 6 hours at a time, others need only a few minutes every so often. How do you schedule a person to come into your home just to change a printer cartridge or fold your clothes from the dryer? For many people, having staff onsite is a lifesaver. As Jim Ovington, who moved from Ottawa to Toronto to live at Parliament Square, says, “There’s just odd brief periods of time throughout the day I can’t really schedule for needing a little bit of help.” 
The Options for Homes and Tobias House collaboration at Parliament Square allows people with mobility issues to both own a home and not worry about scheduling care each day. 
Other Options properties have barrier-free, wheel chair accessible suites. All of our buildings are accessible. Danforth Village Estates, one of our current developments, has 28 apartments very comfortable for those with mobility issues. At Village by Main Station, our other current project,  we have 14 barrier-free homes. Options can also work with purchasers to make accessibility changes to other suites during pre-construction.
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