Monday, 27 October 2014

Village at Guildwood Homeowner Shares her Story

In May, Options celebrated our 20th Anniversary with the Village at Guildwood. Options homeowner, Sylvia, was one of the many homeowners that shared her Options experience with us. Here is Sylvia’s story:
It started when she heard about Options in flyers and on the subway. She attended an information session and decided to purchase a suite in the condominium at the Village at Guildwood. Sylvia purchased a suite facing the park next door. Much to Sylvia’s diassapointment, for several reasons, she moved to another suite which faced the parking lot instead. Although upset at first by her change of view, shortly after moving into her suite she began to love it the new opportunities living on the parking lot side afforded her. She loved that she could see when her friends arrive at the building. Sylvia said, “I wave to them on the balcony”. Everything turned our well for Sylvia in the end, and she is a proud homeowner.
From left to right, Sylvia, and two other Options homeowners.  All three homeowners live on the same floor at the Village at Guildwood.
What is your Options experience?