Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Options Contribution

You can budget, work extra hours, get a job on the side and cut back as much as possible but sometimes you still need a little help with a down payment.  Options understands that.  We know that things come up, your kids need money for this or that, your car breaks down and needs to be repaired ASAP.  Life happens and it makes it extremely difficult to save up enough for a down payment for a home of your own.  That's where Options' Second Mortgage comes in.  We help you with your down payment!

Options for Homes provides special financing that can help potential homeowners get into home ownership up to 10 years sooner than they otherwise would.

The Options Contribution (or Second Mortgage) is a loan to boost your down payment worth 13% or more of the purchase price of your Options suite.  There are no payments due until you sell or rent out your suite.  At that time, the loan appreciates by the same percentage as the resale value of the home and must be paid back in full. 

The repaid loans then go to create new cost-effective homes for other home buyers.   The Options Contribution is available to anyone who purchases a home from Options and wants to take advantage of the oppourtunity. 

We know it can be kind of difficult to understand and believe at first but at Options we are committed to providing cost-effecting home ownership oppourtunities to everyone in the world that wants or needs it.  Attend a free information session where we will explain what the Options contribution is in greater detail and much more!

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Options offers cash incentives to all purchasers who have referred a friend or family member upon the sales becoming firm. If you know anyone who could benefit from the Options Contribution or anyone looking for a quality home, in a good community at a fair price please have them contact us to register for one of our upcoming Information Sessions or call 416-867-1501 for more information. 

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