Thursday, 20 November 2014

#TBT An Introduction to our First Blog

Many moons ago, Options CEO Mike Labb was convinced that starting a blog would be a useful tool to help spread the word about Options.  Check out his first ever blog post:

This blog is not about talking it is about doing.  We do, however, have to talk a little initially…

Hello world!  My younger cohorts tell me that blogging is a way to start a conversation with the world.  We shall see.  My YouTube site has generated about 3100 hits in a year.  It is indeed a small world.

The Options organizations count themselves among a large group of people who want to make the world a better place for all its residents.  We understand that we are stewards of a planet that is important and must survive.  We find ourselves part of a family of change makers and social entrepreneurs who know we must do better faster.
We also believe that we must build on the successes and avoid repeating the failures of the past. 
There have been many attempts to address poverty, human misery, and environmental degradation in the past with varying degrees of success.  We at Options believe that the global economy has come to a crossroads that shows us the limitations of all solutions organized and proposed to date.  With the recent near-collapse of the global economy, we see the inability of the status quo to deliver the solutions that the world needs in an effective and efficient way.
Our hypothesis is the private profit-making business is fatally flawed because of its inability to show restraint.  As social entrepreneurs however, we know and believe that the business sector is most likely the best and most effective solution that we have to date.
We believe further that the restraint can be created by establishing a non-profit mentality within the business community.  Non-profit corporations can be designed from their inception to focus on social resolutions and to be restrained in the returns that adhere to any of the stakeholders.
Profit-making entities are designed from their inception to centralize wealth and we argue that this is inherently an inefficient way to solve social and environmental issues.  The main flaw in the system is that those who control these institutions invariably feel entitled to being rewarded for their efforts consistent with the wealth created by them.
I’m sincerely looking forward to discussing this and various other themes and topics with you via the comments sections of this blog. 
Four years later and all of what he said remains true.  Options is committed to our goals and have remained consistent since the beginning. 
Don't forget to send us feedback on our blog, YouTube channel and anything else. We love hearing from you so don't hesitate to let us know how we're doing!