Tuesday, 25 November 2014

We Really Do Create Communities

The words "community" and "condo" are not often found in the same sentence.  It seems like an odd claim to make that by building high rise condominiums Options provides homeowners with community. For a lot of people already living in a condo is seems misleading and unbelievable; they don't know or talk to their neighbours and they feel isolated.  Those are not things we hear from Options homeowners. More often we hear things like this: 
"Options for homes was a dream come true for me."
"Our wishes have become our reality upon moving into our condo."
"I am always proud when any of my friends come to see me."
"It's a great oppourtunity.  Take a leap of faith.  I did and it worked."
"I would recommend it to anyone and I do recommend it to everyone!"
"I want to thank Options for Homes from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams come true."
-All quotes from real Options homeowners.  For more just like these click here!
Stories like this are common among neighbours who get to know each other attending the purchaser's meetings leading up to the condos being built and from homeowners who meet their neighbours when they move into the completed developments.  We have been doing it for so long (over 20 years now) that creating communities is second nature.
With many condo communities isolation is in large part due to the high number of investors that own and rent out their suites.  This creates a steady turnover of tenants who rarely stay long enough to get to know their neighbours. Owners are much more likely to stay in their suite for numerous years, and take the time to meet others in their building.  

Our Mclevin development is just one example of a group of people who met because they purchased homes in the same building but have formed life long friendships with their neighbours.  This group refers to themselves as the "Mclevin Ladies".  Watch their video here:

Another way Options helps to foster community is through our development process. As soon as someone becomes a purchaser they are invited to attend board meetings that are held approximately every 6 weeks for their particular condominium. The CEO presides over the meetings and brings purchasers up to date on the status of their development. At these meetings purchasers’ questions are answered and their concerns are discussed. This allows the homeowners to participate in some of the decision-making that creates the kind of community they want. 

One of the more vital aspects of these meetings is that the purchasers get acquainted with other purchasers. By the time the homeowners move into their condo; the people living there are familiar faces they've met at the meetings and some they've already become friends with.
Danforth Village Estates purchaser meeting.

Having condominiums with high owner occupancy can also have a positive impact on neighbourhoods, since owners want to keep their building and the surrounding area beautiful and pleasurable to live in. This in turn raises the property values of their homes and of others in the area; this also leads to improved and flourishing businesses culminating in the homeowners being proud of where they live.
Watch these videos to see what we mean:
This business model has transformed and created many communities. It began with the three Options condominiums on what used to be just vacant industrial land that is now the popular Distillery District. Options has also helped transform neighbourhoods with developments like Shermount at Lawrence Avenue and Allen Road, and Heintzman Place at Keele Street and Dundas Street West.
Do you want to own your own home? Have great neighbours? Be involved in a community? Live in a neighbourhood you're proud of? If so, register for a free information session and learn how to make it happen!