Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mark K. (Birchmount Purchaser) Summarized his Feelings Towards Options

We love receiving feedback (especially feedback like this):

Hi Andres,

As per a summary of my experience with and support of the Options model:  Since the moment I saw the ads on the subway, to meeting the CEO Mike LabbĂ©, and going to Options meetings where various real estate projects were presented, I was very impressed with how much everyone in the organization cared for the very important issue of home ownership, and affordable housing, in a city that has almost become out of reach for ordinary people to own their own home.  

I am very excited and looking forward to seeing the new development on Trent come into realization, and also impressed with how many units are owner occupied - something that strengthens the integrity, viability, sustainability and value of the condo project because owner occupied condos give that development a strong improvement and edge over non-owner occupied condo developments. 

Options helps create strong communities which is excellent for the economy and other aspects of the neighbourhood. Their Options car share and other programs are also highly rated and look very exciting. I would encourage all to take a good look at the Options model, and consider purchasing a condo for home ownership - they help make it possible even for people who may not usually qualify yet for home ownership. 

Also, the Options staff is highly diverse and have ties to the global community so they are a great representation of what makes Toronto the best city in the world.

With kind regards,


Don't take our word for it! Mark purchased at the Village by Main Station and encourages everyone to learn more about the Options model.  Attend a free information session to do just that!

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