Monday, 1 December 2014

Options Neighbours Help One Another

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "condo" probably isn't "community", well at Options we think that it should be.  With many condo developments isolation is in large part due to the higher number of investors that rent out their suites.  This creates a steady turnover of tenants who rarely stay long enough to get to know their neighbours.  The Options model discourages investors from purchasing suites just to rent out.

Having condominiums with high owner occupancy can have a positive impact on neighbourhoods.  Owners are more likely to stay in their suites for numerous years and want to keep their building and the surrounding area beautiful and pleasurable to live in. This in turn raises the property values of their homes and of others in the area; this also leads to improved and flourishing businesses culminating in the homeowners being proud of where they live.

Options home owners make connections with their neighbours and help each other whenever they can.  Friendships like the one in the video are common among Options purchasers.  

When you buy an Options condo, you get more than a home, you get a community!

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