Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Add a Little Sunshine to Your Portfolio

Green Timiskaming is officially selling Northern Solar Bonds.  The bonds will finance a 250-kilowatt solar system to be installed at the Armstrong Township Arena in Earlton, Ontario and an additional nine 500-kilowatt projects in Chamberlain Township. 
Green Timiskaming Development Co-operative is controlled by 240 local citizen-members but anyone in Ontario can invest in these projects by purchasing Northern Solar Bonds offered by the co-operative.

Ambrose Raftis, the project manager for Green Timiskaming said:

“I am excited to announce that Green Timiskaming is offering Northern Solar Bonds to the public.  The bonds provide an attractive, stable return and allow Ontarians the opportunity to invest in solar.  Solar is a great way to meet the present and future energy needs of our communities.”

Check out this video that describes the social and economic benefits of Northern Solar Bonds:

Green Timiskaming was established in 2009 as a community-owned, not-for-profit development co-operative devoted to building a greener way of life for the people of Timiskaming.  Beginning with the development and operation of renewable energy projects Green Timiskaming aspires to make the region self-sustaining for energy production.  Options for Green Energy acts as the development consultant for Green Timiskaming.

Green Timiskaming offers attractive returns with relatively low risks.  Returns to members who invest in the 20 Year Term bonds will be five per cent for the first five years increasing every five years, for an average return of up to 7 percent over 20 years.  The minimum investment for 20-Year Bonds is $1,000.  Green Timiskaming also offers 5-Year Term bonds from five hundred dollars with a 4.5 per cent rate of return.

Each project is tied to a 20-year contract with Hydro One to purchase the power through the Government of Ontario's Feed in Tariff (FIT) program. The revenue generated by the contracts will be used to cover operating and finance costs including the returns on Northern Solar Bonds. The bonds will provide long-term financial benefits associated with the production of renewable energy.

Any surplus from the sale of electricity from the projects will be reinvested in future community development activities in Ontario. 

To download your FREE Northern Solar Bonds Investment Guide visit the Green Timiskaming website http://www.greentimiskaming.ca/northern_solar_bonds/ and follow Options for Green Energy on Twitter @OptionsforGreen for updates!