Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Options for Cars Member Testimonial

We love to get feedback from our clients.  Check out the testimonial below from Options for Cars member and the Village by Main Station resident Tom Brouard:

My name is Tom Brouard, I'm an owner of a unit in 61 Heintzman Street, the Options for Homes condo.  I heard about the car share service during a meeting before I moved in.  I was interested and joined Options for Cars as soon as the service became available in my building.  

Options for Cars appeals to my lifestyle because I do not own a car.  Options for Cars allows me the freedom to use a car whenever I need it, without the cost of owning one. IT was available in my building and therefore very convenient.  But if it was no, I would definitely consider it over the other car share companies because of its better rates.  

Options for Cars has positively affected my life because my mom lives in Burlington and I used to have to take the GO Train there before my dad passed away.  He would pick me up from the GO station and I could use his car while I was there.  My mom does not drive and thanks to Options for Vars, I can now drive to Burlington and do errands with her.  We both benefit from the service!

My best Options for Cars story is one day I was in the parking lot of the Galleria Shopping Centre with one of the Options cars, waiting for someone.  A cab driver pulls up to me and was looking at the writing on the side of the car.  He asked me to pull down my window and wanted to know what Options for Cars was. So I chatted with him for a few minutes and explained the whole concept of Options for Cars!

I would definitely recommend Options for Cars.  The service is easy to use, the cars are clean and reliable, and the rates are very good.  If there's a problem with a car, they are quick to address it. 

If you want to share your Options for Homes, Options for Cars or Options for Green story email Carly at events@optionsforhomes.ca.  We can't wait to hear from you!

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