Thursday, 16 June 2016

Location and affordability: the best of both worlds

When people talk about purchasing their own home, one thing that you often hear is location, location, location! The second thing is affordability. That certainly was the case when firefighter and Options purchaser Jason Arias (who was recently featured in the Globe and Mail – read the full article here) was looking into buying a condo that he could afford, but was also close to his daughter Emese’s school.


With only $30,000 saved for his down payment, Jason had his doubts about becoming a homeowner. It seemed like it wasn’t possible, but thanks to the $42,000 Options down payment support (something that he doesn’t have to pay back until he sells his home), his dream became a reality! Jason is now a proud owner of a two-bedroom unit at a building called Cranbrooke Village, which is conveniently located near his daughter’s school.

It’s been exciting being part of Jason’s home ownership journey! There is often a misconception that affordable housing means government subsidized housing. That is not the case. Jason has enjoyed decorating and designing his home. Everything from the flooring to the furnishing has a touch of his personality.

Other cities such as Vancouver have been inspired by Options’ Affordable Housing Model and is using a similar model as a solution to their struggles with housing affordability. To read the entire article about Jason, click here.

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