Monday, 27 October 2014

Earth Hour Part 2 - Options for Green Energy

Earth Hour is coming to a light bulb near you this Saturday! On Saturday, March 29th at 8:30pm (EST), millions of people across the world are switching off their lights for one hour to celebrate their commitment to the planet.

Our commitment to the planet goes beyond Earth Hour and Earth Day. We want to see a healthy planet for the next 10,000 years! Many people don't realize that Options is more than just cost-effective housing. We also have Options for Cars (car sharing) and Options for Green Energy working arm in arm with us.

Our green energy division, Options for Green Energy, is an exciting way of both investing in and investing towards a future with solar power. Like any new technology, it takes a lot of initial money to put solar panels on your home. Most people can't afford the investment, even if they love the idea of green energy.

Options for Green Energy's model is a community-based one. If buying solar panels for your own home is much too expensive right now, what if you invest in infrastructure that will provide solar power not just for you, but for your whole community? They say there is strength in numbers, and this is true with green energy as well.

Currently we are working with three different co-operatives committed to making green energy grow. Queen Street Solar is working in Durham Region and Simcoe County. Guelph and Wellington County community members have formed Guelph Solar. In the Timiskaming District, Green Timiskaming will be working on green projects to reduce their use of hydro and coal.

Currently we've recruited over 450 new members in a total of eight different municipalities to successfully meet the Ontario Power Authority's requirements for co-operative applications. Working together, we will all be able to benefit from green technology. Having solar panels on your house or condo might not be currently affordable, but joining with others will mean even bigger and better green energy projects that can really make a positive impact.

Want more information? Please visit our Options for Green Energy website.

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