Monday, 27 October 2014

Earth Hour Part 3: Options for Cars

Earth Hour was celebrated by millions of people all over the world last Saturday. Many of Options staff participated by turning off our lights from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Some of us turned off anything using electricity! 
Options is committed to not only cost-effective, comfortable housing, but also to green technology and a more sustainable way of living. With Options for Cars we take more cars off the road, limit the size of asphalt parking lots, and make people feel they have many different options for transportation — this is what car sharing can do for a city.
Cars are expensive! And when you buy a car you feel you have to use it. Before owning the car you might have walked 10 minutes to the grocery store. You got exercise, perhaps interacted with community members, and prevented pollution by not driving. However, once you own a vehicle you start depending on it so much you become less active and you forget your healthier life before the car. 
Options for Cars is a car sharing program that every Options owner automatically is a member of. If you live and work in downtown Toronto, chances are you rarely use a car. Why have the cost and hassle of owning when we can share?
Options for Cars currently has 11 cars in seven locations in Toronto, and we’re growing! It’s easy and convenient to be a part of our car sharing program, even if you aren’t an Options home owner. For only $53.25 your membership allows you to choose any available car for as long as you need, and pay only $9 an hour to drive, which includes gas and insurance! You can book the cars online 24 hours a day through your computer or smartphone. Included in our fleet are quality vehicles like Mazda and Nissan hatchbacks, and vans too! 
Living in a building that’s interested in car sharing? A building only needs 25 active members to make Options for Cars work for you, right where you live. 
Visit our website to become a member or inquire about bringing Options for Cars straight to your building! Drive a car when you need it, not just because it’s there.