Monday, 27 October 2014

Making Money Isn't Our First Priority

Brian Hunter and Monique Linteall's partnership with Options began with a simple flyer to the door of their Woodworth co-op home. They bought at 70 Mill St. back in the early 90s, and as a result of their praise for their home, they've encouraged friends to buy at Danforth Village Estates, one of Options new buildings that will occupy in fall of 2015.

This is one way Options for Homes makes homeownership cost effective. By choosing low-cost methods of getting the word out, like Brian and Monique's flyer and friend referrals, Options can save the home buyer $15,000 on a 600 sq. ft. 1-bedroom just in savings on marketing costs alone.
Through subway ads, flyers targeted to specific locations like credit unions and co-ops, and especially word of mouth, we get the right information to the right people and our grassroots campaigns means the savings are passed on to our buyers.

Options for Homes is a non-profit that cares about people and communities. Our budgets aren’t inflated because our number one goal is to offer housing to regular people in cities with inflated home prices. If Options helped you find your own home, send us your story!