Monday, 27 October 2014

Our Condos are Cost-Effective and Well Made

Options condos might be cost-effective, but that doesn’t mean they are made cheaply!  With quality over quantity you can be assured you’ll find comfortable excellence, without breaking the bank.

Jim Munroe, who moved into Kintrye co-op  at Keele and Dundas West, noticed the care taken in his suite. “We have found the build quality to be better than expected. We did no upgrades, so we were expecting the minimum but were pleasantly surprised to see above-and-beyond touches like nice fixtures and the glass windowsills.”

David Sztybel dazzles his friends when they walk into the Village by High Park. “Our friends comment that the lobby looks like it is part of a luxury hotel, and we feel like living here makes every day somewhat like a ‘spa day.’ Everywhere you look you see pleasing aesthetics and practical utility—Oscar Wilde’s criteria for good household objects.”

Did an Options development you bought, or a staging you saw, thrill your senses? Send us a story!