Monday, 27 October 2014

Nicaragua Day 4: The Options Team encounters obstacles

The Options Team spent a couple weeks exploring the housing as well as the scenery in Managua, Nicaragua. Unfortunately, the Options Team ran into some issues as they were going to look at some development sites…
A photo of the tree that was blocking the Options Team on the road to the development site.
The Options Team had a chance to explore two of Juan XXIII's (the group that invited us to Nicaragua) development sites during their trip. The team believed that the most excitement the day would bring would be the differences between housing styles, but they encountered many issues along the way.
As the team travelled across the city, the roads became narrower and eventually lead to a road that was at the bottom of a storm drainage channel. This road runs with as much as two feet of water during the storm seasons, which is where the first development location was situated. Nicaragua has a storm season that lasts from May until November, and during those seasons it is extremely difficult for people to access their homes. It is interesting that housing is located in these areas because similar land in Canada would be restricted to developers as it is a safety hazard.
As the team neared the second development site, the road they were traveling on was completely blocked by a fallen tree, which is common during the dry season. Fortunately, a local citizen helped clear the path with his machete and the team was able to continue to the second development. It was an eventful day for the Options Team.
Options for Homes CEO, Mike Labbé, holding up part of the tree after it was cut by the local citizen.
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