Monday, 27 October 2014

A view from the top of the Masaya Volcano, which is an active volcano located just outside of Managua. The photo is overlooking one of the giant craters from which sulphuric acid is rising from.
Another amazing view of a crater from the top of the Masaya Volcano.
This photo was taken from the side of the Masaya Volcano, where you can see some of the countryside in the distance.
Mike Labbé, CEO of Options for Homes, in front of the rocky side of the Masaya Volcano.
A beautiful view overlooking Lake Managua and in the distance past the mountains lies Lake Nicaragua and more volcanos in the background.
This is a photo from the streets of the city of Granada which is situated on the western side of Nicaragua. It is a beautiful city with a great sense of community.While walking through the city of Granada there are many areas where the volcanos can be seen on the streets.
The central cathedral located in Granada, Nicaragua that is over 110 years old.
In the beginning of May, the Options Team was in Managua, Nicaragua visiting a local group that is interested in the Options model. After viewing homes of local Nicaraguans they decided to explore some of Nicaragua’s beautiful landscape. This includes the Masaya Volcano, Lake Managua, and a smaller town called Granada where a beautiful cathedral is located.
These photos were taken by one of our Options summer students, Mickayla.
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