Monday, 27 October 2014

Options for Homes in Nicaragua!

Members of the Options Team are currently in Managua, Nicaragua meeting with a group that may be interested in bringing the Options Housing Model to the region!  Options summer student, Mickayla, will be writing us daily on how the trip is progressing…
This is the central cathedral destroyed by the earthquake of 1972 is no longer in use - but it is gorgeous.
Our first day in Managua, Nicaragua was both a tour and a history lesson for the Options team. Nicaragua, similar to many other Latin American countries, is the result of societal destruction by the Spanish followed by intervention of American political forces through the last century. Although nothing had a greater impact on Managua than the 1972 earthquake which effectively flattened the centre of the city. Unfortunately, Managua lies on a major fault line which makes it susceptible to seismic as well as volcanic activity by the 6 active volcanos that surround the city.
The Options team had a chance to view many important historical sites such as the central cathedral and many monuments for individuals that passed during attempts to bring social justice to the country. Despite, Managua’s turbulent history and the majority of the city being destroyed by the 1972 earthquake, the residents of Managua have maintained a positive and hopeful outlook for the future.
Monuments commemorating those who lost their lives defending social justice.