Monday, 27 October 2014

A Typical Options Owner
Who’s a typical Options homeowner? Well, they are:
Office Administrators
Security Guards
Small Business Owners
They are every ethnic background, have many different languages as their first tongue, have very different schooling backgrounds, were born in many different cities and towns…
They volunteer, attend church, write blogs, make music, rear children, brew homemade beer, take care of aging parents, watch Bollywood movies, root for the Raptors, hold weekly gourmet dinner parties, coach little league, learn other languages, play mahjong, go to the opera…
Options owners are everyone! An Option owner is YOU.
The one thing ALL Options purchasers have in common is the desire to create a safe, friendly community within their budget. Options developments are owner occupied. Even communities we started 20 years ago have a higher degree of owner occupancy than most other condos in the city. Owners love their homes and love their communities. By attending owners’ meetings you meet the very people who will be your neighbours.
So jump on the Options train, coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!Reserve a place at one of our info sessions and learn what our communities can offer you.