Monday, 27 October 2014

Nicaraguan Homes

The Options Team visited a group interested in the Options model in Managua, Nicaragua from April 30th to May 12th. On their second day they had chance to visit some of the local homes in the area. Mickayla, one of our Options summer students, describes her experience
The Options Team got to learn about the history of Nicaragua on their first day; to read about their experience visit our first blog post
Some of the homes built by the group Options is visiting in Nicaragua. They always use the same colours so their homes are recognizable!
One of the more substantial differences between housing in Nicaragua and Canada is that the housing in Nicaragua is much smaller. The one bedroom bungalows we saw were as small as 34 to 56 square meters (380 to 620 square feet) and housed on average 4 family members. The group the Options Team was visiting has models as small as 19 square meters (215 square feet) without internal walls and an internally accessible attached bathroom. The average one bedroom (including a den) of an Options for Homes development is 600 square feet, which is almost a 400 square foot difference in size. As a result of the homes in Nicaragua being smaller, over 50% of all home owners will add an additional room at the back of their home for kitchen and laundry appliances. Although the houses may be small, Nicaraguans are very appreciative of the opportunity to own a home no matter the size.      

A typical living space that is provided for owners, and the additional space that was added can be seen in the back…
Examples of some of the applicances and items that the owners will place in the additional space built.